Rat Mice Animal Rodents Upgrade Version Ultrasonic Under Hood Animal Repeller for Car Truck Motorbike Vehicle Pest Control

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NO MORE ANIMALS FEASTING ON THE WIRES OF YOUR VEHICLE keep yourself and family safe while driving. (Chewed cables can often lead to an accident)

REPEL ALL ANIMALS TAKING SHELTER UNDER THE HOOD OF YOUR CAR and save yourself hundreds of dollars on repairs.

Safely repel pests:
The vehicle pest repeller effectively uses ultrasonic vibration to make repel pests and animals without killing or seriously injuring them. Frequency range is 12-45kHz.

Prevent vehicle damage:
The vehicle rodent repeller repels destructive animals like mice, moles, chipmunks and martens from causing expensive damage to your vehicle’s engine, wheels or interior.

Self-charging system:
The SereneLife vehicle rodent repellent is self-powered using your car’s battery connection, with a power consumption level of 15mAh and car voltage requirement of 12V.

Park with confidence:

Use this ultrasonic pest repellent to park with ultimate faith. A coverage area over 300 square feet, your vehicle is protected from all above and underground pests.

Added features:
This rodent repellent comes equipped with a low battery LED indicator light and a power on and off switch that makes it easier for your car to remain constantly protected.

Easy to install all:
you have to do is connect the two cables to the car electrical circuit. This low power consumption device emits powerful ultrasonic waves that will force ALL types of animals stay away from your vehicles.

Multi use:
Even though it’s meant for the car it will also protect a wider area around the car in the nature while camping. It can be used in houses, patios attics, barns and garages by connecting it to a car or jump starter battery.


Color: Black
Material: ABS
Rated operating current: 20mA
Rated operating voltage: 12V
Power: 0.24W
Frequency: 12KHz-24KHz
Size:as shown

Package included:

1 x Mice Repeller

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Model 1

Car Rat Repeller

Model 2

Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller

Model 3

Under Hood Animal Repeller

Model 4

Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent

Model 5

Rat Repeller with LED Light

Model 6

Pest Control Deterrent Device




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